About Joe

Joe has primarily been a self-taught woodworker throughout his career. Starting as a teenager, he discovered that he had a knack working with wood. When he was sixteen, he taught himself how to build his first set of kitchen cabinetry on his own. After graduating from high school, he became self employed as a custom woodworker while attending post-secondary education.


He has perfected his skills and techniques to create award winning handcrafted furniture, cabinetry and unique pieces of art with wood veneer. Joe designs, makes, and sells his work at select art fairs, galleries and from this website. He specializes in the fine arts of hand-cut Marquetry, Parquetry and Inlays.


Joe’s work has been featured in numerus publications. He has written articles for Fine Woodworking Magazine. He teaches classes on marquetry and veneering with wood. He gives public presentations on the subjects’ woodworking and marquetry. Joe has a deep philosophical approach to woodworking and is an advocate of creating and building something with one’s hands. He lives and works from his workshop in Northern Minnesota with his wife and three children.

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