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End Of My Rope


The intricate twists in the marquetry rope embedded in this demilune table represent the five years I spent away from woodworking. I was truly "at the end of my rope." I built this table with remnants from past custom cabinetry work. The tattered and looped ends of the rope represent the fogginess I felt when I quit woodworking. I couldn't understand the antipathy I felt towards woodworking when it had once been my dream-come-true career. The marquetry rope that wraps around this leg represents me when I found myself again as a woodworker. I had always thought of myself as a craftsman but I rediscovered my calling as an artist.

Materials: Walnut, Mahogany, Maple, Koa, Beech, Holly, Ipe and Blank Dyed Veneer


46"w, 19"d, 30"h



-“Honorable Mention” Veneer Tech Craftsman’s Challenge, Marquetry Category 2016


-“Most Technically Accomplished” Northern Woods Exhibition 2015


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