“Bringing beauty and harmony into my client’s homes and everyday lives.”

I have always had a strong connection to the sights and sounds of nature. Specifically, trees and the hidden treasures within. The visual beauty, texture or smell of wood can have the ability to reconnect ourselves to the world around us. It has a therapeutic quality to clear our thoughts and improve mental wellbeing.  

I work intimately with domestic and exotic woods. These materials are alive with spirit, and I collaborate with the living essence of these natural materials as I’m creating a piece. I hear their voices and allow them to guide my hands and my heart. The results are one-of-a-kind pieces that are infused with a vibrancy which can be sensed by touch or sight.

Joe Morgan


Wood veneer is a beautiful, natural material that offers a stunning array of colors, grain and figures to explore with. Interesting patterns can be created by arranging different veneers together. Wood veneer has a unique characteristic to reflect light by alternating the wood grain in opposing directions. This can add another dimension of beauty to a piece.

Wood Veneering

Marquetry is the art of creating an image using pieces of wood veneer. As an artist, I carefully select each piece of veneer based on color, wood grain figure or texture. Pieces—some as small as a grain of rice—are cut by hand or with an electric scroll saw. After all the pieces are cut, each piece is dipped into very hot sand in a process called sand shading. This creates a shadow line along the edges of the piece and adds a lifelike appearance to the completed marquetry image.


Parquetry is the process of creating a repeating geometric pattern with wood veneer. Angular shapes of squares, diamonds and rhomboids are used to create a beautiful pattern. Parquetry can be used alone as a decorative design that is incorporated into cabinetry and furniture. It also makes a visually striking background when combined with marquetry.


I enjoy the variety of creating beautiful and functional furniture pieces from veneer and solid wood. Each medium requires a different and intensive approach. I have three strong core beliefs:  Professional woodworking requires thoughtful design, superior craftsmanship and sustainability.    

Furniture And Woodwork

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